How to Choose a Vet

Choosing a veterinarian for your beloved family pet is a difficult task, as you are looking for someone who can meet many needs. They not only have to meet your needs, socially and in their expertise level, but they must also meet the needs of your pet.

The worst time to look for a vet is in a panic, so use these tips wisely and begin looking well before you are in desperate need.

Here are a few tips and questions to help you select the right vet:
1.) Take a visit to the office.
When looking for a new vet, you should do a search of highly qualified pet care takers in your area. Then, schedule a time to meet with them and canvas the area to make sure the office is clean and well maintained.
2.) Evaluate all the people that will have contact with your pet, from the vet to their supporting staff.
Veterinarians often work with a team of professionals, including technicians and qualified support staff, so you’ll likely want to evaluate the entire vet team’s competence and caring.
3.) Consider the location
Will this vet be convenient? Will you be able to fit regular veterinarian visits into your busy schedule? Is the extra drive worth it for the vet or should you look a little closer to home?
4.) Are emergency services available? What are their hours?
Pet emergencies rarely happen during business hours. If your pet needs care in the wee hours of the night is the vet available? If not is there a 24 hour emergency vet somewhere nearby? Also ensure that they have good hours that fit your schedule and allow visits when you have available time, such as after work – or you may miss important appointments and your pets health may suffer.
5.) Do they have the right technology?
A well-equipped veterinary hospital should have access to x-ray, ultrasound, dentistry, in-house lab tests, IV pumps, blood pressure, and eye pressure monitoring, as well as the ability to send out to labs and refer to specialists. Does the vet you are interested in offer all of these and more?

6.) Get a recommendation

Talk to someone who has a pet that you believe is well taken care of about what they look for in a vet. This is helpful in choosing the right vet and may take the guesswork out of it for you.

Making sure you have a trusted vet is key to your pet maintaining a happy and healthy life!