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medical grooming

Medical Grooming Services

We are only offering Medical Grooming Services at this time!

Some pets are not good candidates for the grooming shop. Fractious cats and dogs may require various medications, from a tranquilizer to isoflorane anesthesia to grooming. Some animals have hair mats that require dissection and shredding with special combs, rakes, or clippers, and their dispositions do not allow this to occur without “better living through chemistry.” Our staff can help in these cases.

Additional Things We Handle:

  • Nail Care
  • Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Ear Care
  • Anal Glands

We generally do full shaves or clip-downs (lion cuts) instead of AKC show cuts. We can comb out challenging animals, but we are not miracle workers. Our pricing is based on the difficulty and time required. In most cases, we can offer dental cleaning if we are going to use isoflorane and there is an economy of savings passed on to the owner.

The Importance of Medical Grooming

At Renton Veterinary Hospital, we believe grooming should be more than just a routine beauty session. Our focus on medical grooming reflects our commitment to providing comprehensive care for your pets. Medical grooming combines the expertise of grooming professionals with the knowledge and skills of veterinary professionals, ensuring that your pet receives the highest level of care and attention during the grooming process.

Specialties and Benefits

Expert Handling of Challenging Cases

We understand that some pets may have unique grooming needs or require extra care due to their temperament or specific medical conditions. At Renton Veterinary Hospital, our experienced staff is trained to handle challenging cases and provide specialized grooming services for pets with various requirements. By choosing our medical grooming services, you and your pet can experience the following benefits:

  • Safe and Comfortable Environment: Our medical grooming services are performed in a safe and comfortable environment under the supervision of our veterinary team. We prioritize your pet’s well-being and take necessary precautions to minimize stress and ensure a positive grooming experience.
  • Expert Handling of Fractious Pets: Some pets may require medication, sedation, or even anesthesia to ensure their safety and the groomer’s ability to perform necessary procedures. Our knowledgeable staff is experienced in handling fractious pets and can provide appropriate medication or anesthesia when needed.
  • Specialized Techniques and Tools: Medical grooming may involve specialized techniques and tools to address specific grooming challenges, such as hair mats or skin conditions. Our skilled groomers have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively address these issues, improving your pet’s comfort and overall hygiene.
  • Comprehensive Grooming Services: Our medical grooming services encompass a range of essential grooming tasks, including nail care, brushing, bathing, ear care, and anal gland expression. We tailor our services to meet each pet’s individual needs, ensuring their specific grooming requirements are met.
  • Collaboration with Veterinary Care: As a veterinary clinic, we have the advantage of collaborating closely with our veterinary team during grooming. If any underlying medical concerns are identified during grooming, our veterinarians can provide immediate attention and recommend appropriate treatments or preventive measures.

Give your pets the exceptional care they deserve with our medical grooming services at Renton Veterinary Hospital. Contact us today to schedule a grooming appointment and experience the difference between a grooming service that goes beyond aesthetics. We are committed to providing outstanding medical grooming services in Renton, WA, and ensuring the well-being and comfort of your beloved pets.

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