Care of Snakes

Artificial Incubation of Snake Eggs
Artificial incubation of fertile snake eggs is quite easy. A small amount of water is added to an empty Styrofoam picnic chest. Then a thick layer of peat moss, sphagnum moss, vermiculite, shredded newspaper, or paper towels is added. The eggs are carefully introduced into this medium. Slightly moistening the incubation material also helps prevent the eggs' drying out. Too much moisture, however, promotes formation of mold, which will destroy the eggs' contents. The relative humidity required to incubate snake eggs falls within the range of 75-85%. The covered Styrofoam chest is then placed on a heating pad, which is set on its lowest heat setting. The ideal temperature range for most incubation lies between 78° and 84°F. The average incubation period for most snakes ranges between 55 and 60 days.
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