Pet Health

Here are some useful information and recommendations for your pets. Easy and convenient for you to learn morea on how to understand them. Basic instructions to useful informations not just for your pet but also towards other animals. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call our office at (425) 255-8676.

Health & Exotic Pet Care
Feeding Caged Birds
Common Medical Problems
General Husbandry of Caged Birds
Seed Junkies
Iguana Care
Care of Water Turtles

Parasite Control
Information on worming/fleas
Demodex protocols
Flea and tick eradication

Care of Snakes
General Information
Housing & Space Requirements
Shedding (Ecdysis)
Feeding & Dietary
Artificial Incubation of Snake Eggs
Problems needing Vet Attention
Vet Exam Benefit

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