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What makes us a Full-Service Hospital?
We see all types of general veterinary cases including emergencies during the day. This requires more and better equipment as well as highly trained staff. When needed, we coordinate and refer to specialists to get our patients the care they need.

We hire the best-qualified doctors’ staff we can attract. Our doctors are trained to care for dogs, cats, and then some. Those kinds of doctors are hard to find. We work hard to keep both doctors and staff once they are here. We are strong supporters of the Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT’s) and they make up a big part of our animal care staff by providing guidance to other workers caring for animals ensuring that the doctor’s orders are implemented. Our LVT’s monitor anesthesia allowing our doctors to concentrate on their surgical duties without unnecessary distraction.

Our doctors and staff continually seek further knowledge and training with continuing education which we encourage with tuition reimbursement for all employees.

We don’t cut corners on anesthesia, pain control or safety monitoring. We use isoflorane, an excellent inhalant anesthesia also used in humans of nearly all ages. For our patients recovering from surgery or trauma, we are administering long-acting pain medications to ease their recovery. We often send home additional pain control depending on the need of the animal. Our monitoring equipment is excellent by any standards. We have pulse oximeters to measure how much blood is in the vessels in real –time, we have a blue-tooth wireless ECG to monitor heart rhythms, a blood pressure monitor, heated surgery tables, and both infusion & IV pumps to meter out and properly administer fluids and medications over a specific time frame.

Even our grooming services allow us to service animals too difficult to be handled by traditional grooming facilities. We do the fractious cats, and the dogs that need sedation to clip. We don’t do fancy cuts, our normal clip is closer to shearing sheep than something you would take to a dog or cat show! However, our “puppy or lion cut” makes many a dog or cat cool and comfortable for the summer.

Our facilities are large, temperature controlled, and provide us many different wards to house the variety of patients for which we provide care. Very large indoor runs and wards are all equipped with skylights to provide normal day and night cycles. When winter storms strike and the electricity is down, our hospital is warmed by home heating fuel so you have no worries, even if you have to seek refuge elsewhere to keep warm, we will be open and available to care for and house your beloved animals. This is especially critical for reptiles and birds that are very susceptible to the cold. We also have a well-kept fenced yard to provide exercise and play time for our dogs. These kinds of facilities are no longer common in veterinary hospitals. Sometimes, older is better!

We have special facilities for critically injured, hypothermic or oxygen deficient animals. Our large incubator can provide both heat and 24 oxygen support when necessary. It has a special set up with perches for large parrots and can be stripped down to accommodate hit-by car cats, neonate mammals, birds or reptiles. We also have a variety of heat lamps, brooders, heating pads and even an egg incubator!

Contact Us
Renton Veterinary Hospital
128 Rainier Avenue South
Renton, WA 98057
Phone: (425) 255-8676
Email: rentonvet@yahoo.com
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Mon - Fri : 8 am - 6 pm
Sat : 8 am - 2 pm
Sun : Closed
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